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Yoko Naito 内藤瑶子

Born 1985 in Chigasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan.

Having left high school before graduation, became an autodidact and started painting with a variety of techniques from oil painting, Nihonga (Japanese painting), ink drawing to printmaking.

Holds private exhibitions at Tokyo galleries such as Hagurodo and TOKYO YAESU T-BOX, and also exhibits widely in group projects, and at many national and international art fairs.

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<Education >

Nihon University, Japan, Master of Arts in Philosophy

<Techniques >

Prints: Combination of printmaking, relief, intaglio, planographic etc…
Paintings: Oil, Nihonga (a Japanese type of painting generally using crushed mineral pigments). 


BS Fuji’s “Break Zenya”
at Park Hotel Tokyo, PV

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<Experience >

※See “Past Exhibitions” for exhibition history.

2001After leaving high school before graduation, held an independent solo exhibition in a local space. Spurred by this experience, began regularly exhibiting at various galleries. 
2004Held solo exhibitions at Gallery BURIKIBOSHI and HAGURODO. Since then, in addition to her work at TOKYO YAESU T-BOX, has held solo exhibitions at various spaces, mainly across Tokyo. Participated in numerous group exhibitions, as well as domestic and international art fairs. 
2005Exhibited annually at HITO HITO TEN, an exhibition by Hito Hito Kai, held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Became a member of Hito Hito Kai in 2014. 
2007Held exhibitions at the international art fair “KIAF” (COEX, Seoul), and in 2010 at “Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2010” (Grand Hyatt Hong Kong) and “+PLUS Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair” (Tokyo Bijutsu Club).
2015Joined “Park Hotel Tokyo Artist in Hotel” residency project, created a hotel room “Carp.”
2016Cover art production for the Licht-Akiyama Trios “Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow” released on the Viennese experimental music label editions mego.
2018Appear on BS FUJI TV program “BREAK ZENYA”.
 “At the Bottom of a Well” by Aki Narita and Yoko Naito held as the 25th exhibition of “ART colours,” which celebrates the four seasons of Japan with art in the 30-meter open air atrium at Park Hotel Tokyo.  
2020Solo Exhibition at Corridor Gallery 34, Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo.
International Print Exhibition “I-Gong-I-Gan (I-Gong-I-Gan)” at KCJ International Printing Bureau, Korea.
2021Solo exhibition “Blah Blah Libertine” at roidworks gallery, Tokyo.
2022Ai Osawa and Yoko Naito “MIDNIGHT CIRCUS” at Artglorieux of TOKYO (GINZA SIX).